This is the personal blog for Dr. Scott M. Petri, a public K-12 educator in Southern California. Dr. Petri is currently conducting educational research on teacher-student relationships, blended learning, and  teacher entrepreneurial orientation, an instrument that measures teachers along scales of innovativeness, proactiveness, and risk-taking. Dr. Petri offers consulting services in helping History teachers adapt to Common Core State Standards and become writing teachers via another website: www.historyrewriter.com.

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Improving Teacher and Student Relationships
MOOC delivered to 2,500 educators on the Canvas Network                                  September, 2014
After reviewing research and current trends in learning, student engagement, and motivation theory, this six- week course allows teachers to think-aloud and practice with new collaborative tools within a caring community of instructors. Playlists of leveled readings, video lectures, and curricular resources assist participants in applying their new skills. Submitted to joint committee for LAUSD/UTLA salary point approval.

Generating Student Performance Data with Document-Based Question (DBQ) Assessments
Presentation for the California Council of the Social Studies                         2014
An overview of variables that have been examined in historical writing studies, paired with an analysis of a comparison study using DBQs as formative assessments. Writing instruction focused on goal setting strategies, argumentative claims and rebuttals, and historical accuracy may provide new metrics for evaluation purposes. Instructional leaders should require learning by evaluation and the use of revision memos in all classes.

The Power of Peer Review in High School World History Classes
Presentation for the California World History Association                                       2014
Described how educators could use peer review to increase the number of writing assignments given in high school World History classes. Discussed a pilot program that used DBQs to help teachers incorporate the Common Core standards for writing into their classroom instruction. The results from implementation at two urban high schools generated new evaluation techniques and student performance metrics that may advance the empirical study of historical writing in secondary schools.

Evaluating the Effects of a Student Achievement Management System                       2013
A pilot test of a web-based student achievement management system took place during the 2012-2013 school year at 15 LAUSD high schools. The test involved 308 teachers who posted a total of 22,321 student grades online and made those grades available to 9,338 registered students and 3,677 registered households. There were a total of 2,418,579 page views of this data. This proposed study will use ANOVA to examine whether SAMS usage was correlated with increased student achievement, as measured by improved school attendance, and lower course failure rates. Approved by LAUSD Committee of External Research Review.

Where are the Risk Takers? – Using the EO Construct to Identify Innovative and Proactive Teachers
Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation                                                                            2013
This study of 730 California charter, private, and traditional public school teachers used an Entrepreneurial Orientation instrument to evaluate teachers along domains of innovativeness, proactiveness, and risk taking. Data revealed statistically significant higher scores among public school teachers and female teachers in proactiveness; and higher scores among charter, female, and high school teachers with risk taking. Summary here: http://petridishing.net/2014/08/07/dr-petri-featured-in-edcal/ Link to whole document: http://scholarworks.csun.edu/handle/10211.2/4464

Innovative Directions in School Reform                                                                     2012
Reported research findings on contemporary models of school reform in America to visiting scholars from China. Discussion included: portfolio management model, small learning communities, charter schools, and pilot schools. Given to the US-China Institute at California State University, Northridge.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Measuring Engagement in Continuation Students     2011
Conducted 12-month action research project with a team of doctoral students measuring student engagement at a continuation high school. Presented findings and recommendations to principal and staff, doctoral candidates and faculty advisors.

Using Digital Devices to Eliminate the Latino Achievement Gap                               2011
Linked learning presentation on incorporating digital devices as classroom tools given at Second Annual LAUSD Best Practices Conference.

Using Civic Action Projects in Social Studies Instruction                                           2010
Presented videotaped lesson on the constitutionality of a Chicago gang ordinance using GRADE analysis at California Council on Social Sciences Annual Conference with the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom                                                                                 2010
Southern California Social Science Association innovation circle presentation on flipping the roles in the classroom by incorporating: voicethread, quizlet, and polleverwhere into classroom instruction. Demonstrated how student-produced media can provide whole class instruction.

Emphasizing Academic Vocabulary in Social Studies Classes                                   2009
Presented video gaming strategies for learning academic vocabulary with examples of student work with primary sources in the Declaration of Independence and the French Revolution to Social Studies department.

CRF-Annenberg Foundation Civic Action Project Conference                                   2009

Participated in pilot program embedding Civic Action Projects across the curriculum for Government. Created 80 service-learning projects for seniors using public opinion polling and public service announcements.

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