Kahoot – A Kahool Ed Tech Freebie has been an end of the school year treat for my students preparing for their comprehensive final exam. I discovered this website in my Edsurge newsletter and experimented with it while doing a Vietnam War unit with my students. To my delight, they loved it.

Students use an internet enabled device to enter a PIN and register their response. This is great for my class which only has 30 iPads, but usually 38 students.  A number of other bloggers have published more comprehensive reviews: new features, engaging assessment, and formative freebie.

I do not use Kahoot as part of my formal assessment program, but consider it an excellent checking for understanding tool. I have found that if you allow students more than 20 seconds to answer a question, they start checking around to see what their friends are answering. I give progressive amounts of extra-credit points to people on the leaderboard and everyone else who plays. It is fun to watch students react to the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Kahoot will easily download all the data to an excel spreadsheet. If you ask your students to make their nickname their last name and first initial, then it is easy to sort the names in the spreadsheet and copy into your gradebook.

Here is a short video that showcases how Kahoot will increase the student engagement in your class.  Try it out. Have some fun. Lord knows we need more of that in public education these days.