MOOC Assignment

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For the past few weeks I have been gathering materials and brainstorming assignments for the MOOC I will be co-teaching with Mr. Thomas on Improving Teacher-Student Relationships.  I recently completed another MOOC on Coaching Teachers that used a coaching feedback session and required students to debrief the video in a peer reviewed writing assignment.  Sort of along those lines, we could use an excerpt Solving Problems Together from pp. 129-149 of How to Talk So Kids Can Learn. As an extension activity, course participants will script problem scenarios, or conflicts they have had with students in their classrooms (and wish they could do over) by grade level and topic on the discussion board.

Once published and viewable, these scenarios will provide asynchronous opportunities for participants to practice summarizing the child’s point of view and brainstorming solutions collaboratively.  Finally, we would offer participants a chance to participate in role playing sessions in real time via Skype or Google Hangouts (video chat).  With the right social media tools (Twitter & Facebook) participants may be able to link up and practice some of these techniques together, even if they are continents apart. For participants who cannot participate in the real time chats, we can provide links to the videos so they can view the sessions.  I am open to any feedback and advice on making this a more practical and worthwhile exercise for teachers.